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I decided to do the PRESALE ONLY for this design. So please order ahead, I cannot count the amount of people who ask me once the campaign is over. This shirt is special, they all are. It is about sexual assault and domestic violence awareness. Break the silence, rid the taboo. Use your voice. You matter.
It’s a process
Trust in Him #blessed

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insight-inspiration said: 1. not creepy at all, I love it! That's so funny, because I remember Meggan telling me that she had told a girl about it! what a small world, you should have come up and said hello at the walk if you knew who I was! love!


I wish I knew who you were at the walk but I didn’t :( I just found your blog the other day and recognized you. You seem like a wonderful person! I hope your recovery is going well ❤

I usually speak at the walk but this year I didn’t! I’m always here if you ever need anything :)


  • i was blessed today with the opportunity to look inside myself and reflect on some of my actions.
  • i have the absolute best therapist on the entire planet, words can’t give meaning to the amount she’s done for my life.
  • i chose recovery today. 
  • i made some headway with my designs.
  • i wore new shoes that i am in love with. 
  • and i talked to the man that i love with my entire heart and soul.

these are just a minute amount of the things i am able to show thanks towards for today but, today was good. 

one tree hill meme - 6 scenes [1/6]

this better be me tuesdaaaay

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Shoes #obsession